They Do Things Differently There #1: Children’s TV

Being a teacher, I am on summer holiday at the moment. This means a lot of time spent watching Test cricket on Sky Sports. But I am a restless channel hopper during ad breaks, lunch, tea, drinks intervals. My default move is to go back to BBC1, then scroll upwards from there until I settle on something I can bear for 2-3 minutes until I think the cricket has restarted.

This is how I came across something called Copycats, which always seems to be on during the tea interval. A slightly more hi-tech version of Charades presented by a couple of charmless fame school dolts.

Kid’s TV used to be more inventive, more exciting than this, I’m sure. OK, the idea that TV was better in the 70s and 80s is hardly revolutionary. There’s a whole website dedicated to this notion as well as any number of Channel 4 talking head documentaries. I just want to share one clip which proves my point. Why it is superior to anything on current kid’s TV should be self explanatory.

In case that was not self explanatory, here goes.

Sesame Street. A children’s Saturday morning show. It didn’t feature rejects from end of the pier talent shows. No.


 His band features fat men with terrible facial hair who would not make it past security at Television Centre these days and a selection of extras from a blaxploitation movie. Check out the brass,  the ad-libbing, the dancing kids, the pure funk.

Blowing your mind over cornflakes.